Legionella Risk Assessment


Legionella is a grouping of bacteria that can potentially cause a fatal pneumonia called Legionnaires’ Disease. Legionella bacteria prefer slightly warmer water, so it is found in higher concentrations in domestic hot water systems. In general, the larger the building, the greater the risk, but people can contract Legionnaires’ Disease even from homes. Large water systems in hospitals and hotels introduce more risk because the water may be stagnant in rooms that are not often used.


Are you worried about Legionella bacteria in your water system? Legionnaires’ Disease is a potentially fatal disease that can be caused by improperly maintained buildings. Have Conforlab put together a Legionella water plan to prevent a problem from ever happening in the first place..

The greatest concern is when warm, recirculated water gets aerosolized and inhaled by occupants. People with a compromised immune system are particularly at risk for Legionnaires’ Disease.


Although we can simply collect Legionella samples from your water system, we recommend this sampling be done in the context of a comprehensive Legionella water plan. Legionella tests are relatively expensive so they should be collected with a specific strategy in mind.